Nectar is a unique, healthy, made-to-order juice bar located in the heart of Abu Dhabi. Nestled within the zen walls of Bodytree Studio, the juice bar offers both comfortable café seating as well as quick "to-go" options. Nectar is unique in that we do not use any additives, preservatives or artificial sweeteners, just fruit+veg=juice!

We use the best seasonal, local, and organic ingredients to carefully crafts our juices and smoothies. We strive to ensure a balanced healthy choice post-workout that is clean, fresh and made-to-order. We offer a colourful range of revitalizing juice and smoothies including non-dairy alternatives such as our homemade cashew milk. Our juices and smoothies are rich in antioxidants and essential nutrients making them the perfect post workout drink to rehydrate and replenish your body.

Bodytree Studio:

Bodytree Studio provides a holistic approach to exercise focusing on mind & body education whilst in a supportive environment. The vision at Bodytree is to create a community centre for all ages where people can work towards their wellness goals.

Bodytree offers a unique wellness market and prides itself on having highly trained and experienced instructors across all three disciplines of Yoga, Pilates and Dance.

The studio has a particular interest in wellness for Pre and Post Natal women creating the "Bodytree Journey" for our clients offering Pre Natal Pilates and Yoga, Hypnobirthing Ante natal education. After delivery, the support continues with Post Natal Yoga, Baby Massage, Kindermusik and dance classes for babies and young children.
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